About 180 years ago - and roughly as many miles away from Huntington Beach -ranchers in the Santa Maria Valley held feasts for their vaqueros as well as family and friends, barbecuing meat over earthen pits filled with hot coals of native red oak. They served the meat with pinquitos, a type of bean only grown in the region, and plenty of vegetables harvested fresh from the land.

Soon, residents across the valley adopted this tradition. They rolled savory cuts of meat, usually top-block sirloin, in a simple mixture of salt, pepper and garlic salt before grilling it over the hot coals of a red oak fire to create smoky, hearty flavor. Even regional variations featuring linguica or chorizo sausages began to draw attention.

But it wasn't until a local butcher perfected the tri-tip steak, a triangular bottom sirloin cut, in the 1950s that this barbecue conventionreally picked up heat. And with that, the Santa Maria-style barbecue became a mainstay of California's culinary heritage.

You won't have to drive up to California's central coast to experience authentic Santa Maria grilling - we've brought it to you.

SeaSalt Woodfire Grill is where the wood fires of Santa Maria meet the fire pits of Huntington Beach. Our "farm-to-fire" grill menu combines the traditions of the Old West with a modern twist. Get ready to indulge in meat slow-grilled along side seasonally fresh vegetables over an red oak fire and topped with our own sea salt sensations blended in-house. Pair your meal with one of our "craft rim" libations, and you'll be making California taste history.